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Thank you, Girl Scouts Troup #7450!

Thank you, Girl Scouts Troup # 7450! Your pins were a big hit at the latest festival we attended.

US Ukrainian Activists (USUA) are grateful for receiving patriotic Ukrainian Flag Pins, which were made by the Girl Scouts Troup # 7450 in support of Ukraine.

These pins were distributed to Ukrainian supporters at the 1 Journey Festival by the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. on June 25, 2022.

Regina Oswald, thank you very much for sending the pins to USUA!

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1 Journey Festival at the Washington National Cathedral!

11 AM – 6 PM at the Washington National Cathedral!

It will be a fun event, with world food, music, shopping, kids’ activities, and more. There will also be resources there for refugees and their families – legal aid, job hunting, language training, and more. If anyone is dealing with visas and immigration issues for friends and family, this could be a great opportunity to connect with free assistance and advice!

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