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USUA Volunteer Flies the Ukrainian Flag in Front of Congress During Zelensky’s Visit

US Ukrainian Activists volunteer and member Gleb Latnik is photographed flying the Ukrainian flag from his bicycle while demonstrating in support during President Zelensky’s address to Congress.

Photograph taken on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. Date taken: Wednesday, December 21, 2022

USUA Members Interviewed for Reuters Article

Members of US Ukrainian Activists were interviewed for a Reuters article, during President Zelensky’s state visit to Washington DC:

WASHINGTON, Dec 21 (Reuters) – Ukrainian Americans in Washington saw President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s U.S. visit as a promising sign that displayed strong relations between the countries but also urged more American assistance to defend against the Russian invasion.

Dozens of pro-Ukrainian activists gathered near the White House on Wednesday afternoon as Zelenskiy visited Washington for his first publicly known foreign trip since Russia’s invasion on Feb. 24. The group called “U.S. Ukrainian Activists” then headed to the U.S. Capitol for Zelenskiy’s address to the Congress. […]

“In the long term, helping Ukraine will enable the U.S. to preserve national security,” Catherine Pedersen, a board member of the U.S. Ukrainian Activists group, told Reuters. “It’s that awkward situation where you are incredibly grateful for (U.S.) support, but there is need for more,” she added.

Thank you to members Catherine Pedersen, Oleksandra Kepple, and Katrina Durbak for representing our organization, and the Ukrainian Diaspora, to the media!

Roundup: 50+ #DefendingUkraine events worldwide, Oct. 14-16

This is a partial list of rallies held in 50+ locations worldwide as part of the #DefendingUkraine / Circle of Defense initiative.

United States

Washington DC

Photo credit: US Ukrainian Activists
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NBC Washington Covers USUA Rally for Ukrainian Defender’s Day

NBC Washington reported on US Ukrainian Activists’ rally honoring Ukraine’s annual Defenders Day holiday.

Activists want to make sure that a day after Defender’s Day, when they acknowledged soldiers fighting in Ukraine, that the country isn’t forgotten as it faces Russian forces. News4’s Darcy Spencer reports.

Alina Cherkasova Charity Concert – 2022/10/01

On Saturday, Oct.1, friends of Ukraine were privileged to experience an intimate concert with two brilliant Ukrainian musicians Alina Cherkasova and Yaroslav Gnezdilov.

As Russia continues its genocidal attempt to eradicate Ukraine, its people and its culture, US Ukrainian Activists (USUA) presented our 7th charity concert, held at Ukraine House, the cultural annex of the Ukrainian Embassy.

Concert proceeds:

Gross Proceeds of $14,432.80 (ticket and souvenirs sales, as well as donations) were raised at this Charitable Concert, including a generous donation of $12,000.00 for front-line paramedics Hospitallers from Yuri and Inna Deychakiwsky.

Net Concert Proceeds of $13,103.58 (after the deduction of $1,329.22 for concert expenses: air-tickets, hotel rent, reception, and Ukraine House cleaning fee) are directed the following way:

  1. $1,103.58 to support Ukraine House’s project “Nezlamni” (“Undefeated”): a prosthesis and rehabilitation program for Ukrainian children who have been injured by russian aggression;
  2. $12,000.00 – donation for Hospitallers, used to purchase such critical medical supplies, as 545 C-A-Ts (combat application tourniquets) on Mon., Oct. 3.

The concert featured opera singer Alina Cherkasova and pianist Yaroslav Gnezdilov, both winners of numerous international music competitions, from Dnipro, Ukraine’s fourth largest city. They performed traditional Ukrainian songs and Classical pieces, and in addition featured songs by contemporary Ukrainian composers.

We are so grateful to these talented musicians for the fantastic evening of Ukrainian and Classical songs, and all their support for Ukraine!

We are very thankful to the Embassy of Ukraine (Ruslan Falkov), Her Excellency Ambassador Oksana Markarova, and Ukraine House (Marianna Falkova) for sponsoring our last three charity concerts!

Nadiya Shaporynska, president of US Ukrainian Activists, organized this Concert in support of Ukraine.

A big thanks also to the awesome team of USUA volunteers, each of whom contributed greatly to the success of this event: Luda and Sasha Draganov, Larissa Vovk, Catherine Pedersen, Maryia Alenchyk, Gleb Latnik, Nadiya Yaneva, Lora Odeyanko, Anna Ozherelyeva, Rachel Glick, Sofia Nalizhyta, Dmytro Yurchyk, Anya Thacker, Robert Harvey, Felix Tsu, and Yevgeniy Shaporynskyy!

Our sincere gratitude to the following churches for sharing our concert information:

Father Robert (Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine of the Holy Family in Washington, D.C.:;

Father Oleksandr (Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church in Silver Spring, MD):;

Father Volodymyr (St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Silver Spring, MD):;

Father Vasyl (Saint Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Baltimore, MD:

Thank you very much for sharing our Event:
United Help Ukraine (;
Taras Shevchenko School of Ukrainian Study / Ukrainian School DC (

We appreciate everyone who attended our charity concert to support Ukraine and enjoy a wonderful evening of Ukrainian culture at Ukraine House!

FB Charity Concert Event:

Article about Alina Cherkasova and Yaroslav Gnezdilov Charity Concert:

The concert was organized by US Ukrainian Activists (USUA) and sponsored by the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA and Ukraine House.

Follow US Ukrainian Activists:

A thank-you message from the Hospitallers Paramedics

Translation to English:

US Ukrainian Activists are good friends of our battalion who have constantly supported our paramedics before the full-scale invasion of Russia.

Now the organization continues to actively help Ukrainian soldiers, the Armed Forces, doctors and volunteers.

The Hospitallers also thank Ukrainian activists in the United States, including [USUA president] Nadiya Shaporynska for their help – everything received will go directly to the front line, where our paramedics continue to work every day for the sake of every life.

Glory to Ukraine! Together to victory!


More ways to help USUA support Ukraine:

Social media:

USUA interview on Bowie TV

On June 30, 2022, US Ukrainian Activists (USUA) was honored to participate in the Bowie TV program to share the story of Ukraine and its heroic resistance against Russia’s invasion and genocide.

USUA in the media – Jan-Feb 2022

Source: REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo, Shuran Huang
Page:Ilona Doerfler (left) and Nadiya Shaporynska (right) […]

Llona [sic] Doerfler (left) and Nadiya Shaporynska (right), President of US Ukrainian Activists, speak as Ukrainians and supporters of Ukraine demonstrate against a possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia during a protest in Lafayette Park across from the White House in Washington, U.S. January 29, 2022.

Source: AP News
Page:Activists From Across the US Gather at Lincoln Memorial to Honor Fallen Heroes and Urge US Action
Organized by United Help Ukraine

United Help Ukraine ( calling U.S. supporters of Ukraine: More than 300 supporters and friends of Ukraine from across the U.S. will gather at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday, Feb. 20, at 2 p.m. to honor fallen Ukrainian heroes during the 2013-14 Revolution of Dignity and the thousands of fallen heroes of Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine. Following the vigil will be a rally and a peaceful march to the White House held in unison with members of the Belarusian, Georgian, Kazakh, and Baltic communities. The objectives of this event are to demand an end to Russia’s war in Ukraine and the occupation of Crimea along with other territories in Donbas, eastern Ukraine — as well as the release of all Ukrainian citizens unjustly imprisoned by Russia, including Crimean Tatars. […]

Organizers: United Help Ukraine, US Ukrainian Activists, Razom for Ukraine, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Ukrainian American Veterans and members of the Ukrainian diaspora

Source: HappeningNext
Page:Stand With Ukraine: Day of Solidarity in Washington, D.C.

Calling Ukrainians, Ukrainian-Americans, friends, and supporters of Ukraine from all over the United States to come to Washington, D.C.!

Organizers: United Help Ukraine, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Ukrainian-American Veterans, US-Ukrainian Activists, Razom for Ukraine, House of Ukraine, Ukrainian Freedom Foundation, other Ukrainian-American organizations and members of the Ukrainian diaspora.

Source: Archeparchy of Philadelphia – Ukrainian Catholic Church
Page:Stand With Ukraine: Day of Solidarity in Washington, DC

Many hundreds of Ukrainians from across the U.S.A. gathered near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC on Sunday, February 20, 2022. The Day of Solidarity honoured the memory of the “Heavenly Hundred” who died during the Revolution of Dignity in Kyiv 2013-2014, and those killed in Russia’s more recent military aggression against Ukraine. […]

Among the organizers of the event were United Help Ukraine, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Ukrainian American Veterans, US Ukrainian Activists, Razom for Ukraine, US-Ukraine Foundation, House of Ukraine, Ukrainian Freedom Foundation, and other Ukrainian-American organizations and members of the Ukrainian diaspora. Activist speakers from Georgia, Belarus’, Poland, and Russia, among others, also expressed support. Three busloads of the faithful from the Philadelphia Archeparchy were led by Bishop Rabiy. Many of those in attendance were children of Ukraine’s World War II refugees, who prayed that history not be repeated. The peaceful march ended at the White House, with demands for tougher and immediate sanctions against Russian aggression.

Source: Fox News
Page:DC protesters supporting Ukraine gather outside Russian embassy, White House: ‘Sanctions now!’

Hundreds of demonstrators waved Ukrainian flags and shouted “Defend Ukraine now!” and “Sanctions now!” outside the White House fence in the afternoon, the Washington Post reported.

“All Ukrainians in the D.C. area and throughout the country and the world are really so concerned about what’s going on. It’s beyond concern,” Maryna Baydyuk told the Post. Baydyuk is the president of United Help Ukraine. She helped organize the protest. “We’re all scared. We’re all frustrated. We cannot believe what’s happening in our home country.”

Nadiya Shaporynska, president of U.S. Ukrainian Activists and protest organizer, said her family is in Ukraine.

Source: Washingtonian
Page:Ukraine Crisis: How You Can Help
DC-based fundraisers, rallies, and other opportunities.

Protests and Vigils

#Stand With Ukraine

Happening today until 8 PM in front of the White House, this protest is organized by United Help Ukraine and US Ukrainian Activists in support of military aid for Ukraine and further sanctions on Russia.

Source: News Quotes Shine
Page:Ukrainians rally in DC to protest Russian invasion of their home

“I was in shock, and we we very much afraid,” said Nadiya Shaporynska, who was one of the demonstration’s organizers and is from the Ukrainian city Dnipro, in an interview Thursday. “I had the feeling that we should do something. We came to Russia’s embassy to show our protest and to say, ‘Hands off Ukraine. Stop the war in Ukraine.’”

Shaporynska, president of U.S. Ukrainian Activists, said they remained until 5 a.m.

Source: English Times
Page:Ukraine Crisis: How You Can Help

Protests and Vigils

#Stand With Ukraine

Happening today until 8 PM in front of the White House, this protest is organized by United Help Ukraine and US Ukrainian Activists in support of military aid for Ukraine and further sanctions on Russia.