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Medical aid from USUA received by front-line paramedics in Ukraine

We are thankful to the volunteer Hospitallers Medical Battalion for saving lives on the front-lines in Ukraine!

Ми Дуже Вдячні Госпітальєрам за їх невтомну і таку важливу працю!!!💛💙
Разом до Перемоги!!! 🇺🇦💖🇺🇦

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USUA Donates Defibrillators and Oxygen Ventilators to Hospitallers

2022/06/10 – 10 Defibrillators and 8 Oxygen Ventilators for Hospitallers

In June, 2022, US Ukrainian Activists purchased 10 Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 AED Defibrillators ($5,750.00) and 8 Oxygen Pneupac paraPAC 2D Ambulance Ventilators (about $4250) for the volunteer battalion of Ukrainian paramedics Hospitallers, who save lives on the front-line in Eastern Ukraine.

THANK you so much, Mark Lavelle, Michelle Medrano Shillinglaw, Darya Ledesma, Austin Ukrainian Community, and San Antonio Ukrainian Community, for your generous donation of $10,000.00 for these life-saving devices to help front-line paramedics save Ukrainian lives!

Special THANKS to Darya Ledesma for taking an active part in this fundraiser!

Glory to Ukraine and Glory to Ukrainian Heroes!

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A thank-you message from the Hospitallers Paramedics

Translation to English:

US Ukrainian Activists are good friends of our battalion who have constantly supported our paramedics before the full-scale invasion of Russia.

Now the organization continues to actively help Ukrainian soldiers, the Armed Forces, doctors and volunteers.

The Hospitallers also thank Ukrainian activists in the United States, including [USUA president] Nadiya Shaporynska for their help – everything received will go directly to the front line, where our paramedics continue to work every day for the sake of every life.

Glory to Ukraine! Together to victory!


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